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Gundam Wing Zero:
Gundam Wing Zero is one of the best Gundams there is. Every Gundam pilot has used this machine but at the end, it belongs to Herro Yuy. The Wing Zero was created by Quatre and it's former purpose was to obliterate all the space colonies. Wing Zero has a complexion of offensive and defensive arensels.

Weapons and attacks:
Wing Zero has a variety of weapons to choose from. It's main weapon would be the beam rifle. Unlike the Wing Gundam, this gun is double barreled and could detach into two seperate guns for more destruction. Wing Zero also comes with a handy beam saber for close range combat. On the shoulders of the Gundam, there's two vulcan cannons. Wing Zero's greatest weapon would still however be the Zero system. This system enables pilots to fight at a stronger, quicker, and tougher pace. It increases brain waves so the reaction time of the pilot is faster then others. The side effects however are much more severe. The system mind-controls the person. This causes the pilot to lose sight of their target and designation.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
No Disatvantages. The atvantages depend on the skill of the pilot.

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