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Gundam Shenlong:
Gundam Shenlong was created by one of the five scientists. The pilot of this Gundam is Wu Fei Chang. Gundam Shenlong is also known as Nataku. After when Gundam Shenlong was abducted by OZ in space, Shenlong was upgraded to Altron.

Weapons and attacks:
Gundam Shenlong's weapons are mostly close range. Its primary weapon is a beam glave representing a spear. One of Shenlong's arm could also extend out and smash the opposition. The extendable arm is also equiped with a Dragon's head that acts as a flame thrower. There are also two vulcan guns on the Gundam's shoulders. When the Shenlong Gundam fights, it twirls and slices like a karate master.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
Shenlong Gundam's only disatvantage is when it's arms are stuck in the enemy mobile suit. That's when the Shenlong Gundam is the most vulnerable.

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