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Gundam Sand Rock:
Gundam Sand Rock is Quatre Winner's Gundam. Although his Gundam is designed for land battles, it still could fly in the air like all the other Gundams.

Weapons and attacks:
Gundam Sand Rock has a variety of small machine guns and weapons. It has a curved like dagger that can slice anything into peices. When the curved dagger glows red, it radiates heat making it able to chop any mobile suit into half. The curved like dagger could also be thrown at the enemy at a distance. Sand Rock also has a small m-16 machine guns and two vulcan shoulder guns. The Gundam fights best on ground or any deserted region.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
The main disatvantage Gundam Sand Rock has is it's lack of speed. Since the Gundam is best fought on ground, Sand Rock needs to be faster for a close range battle. The atvantage Sand Rock has is the ability to hit moderated ranged targets with it's machine gun and fight close range battles with it's two dagger like weapons.

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