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The Leo is the primary mobile suit used in the Earth Sphere Alliance. Although the Leo is pretty much the weakest mobile suit in the TV show, both the Alliance and Oz uses them. The Leo is armed with a small rifle and two missle packs on the neck. The Leo also carries a beam saber on it's back for close combat. The Leo also comes with a miniture shield on one of it's for arms. The Leo was later modified to battle in space later in the show but they never had a chance against the Gundams.

The Aries is Oz's primary mobile suit. It's model is similar the Alliance's Leo but has beter mobility. Aries's primary weapon is also the machine like beam cannon. The Aries also packs more missles then the Leo making it a stronger and faster unit. This was the first atvantage OZ had over the alliance but the Aries was still no match for the Gundams.

The Taurus was the first mobile suit after the space Leo to go to space. The Taurus originated from OZ and was mass producing them in space after they seized military power over the colonies. The Taurus was first piloted by humans but later on in the series, the mobile doll system replace them. The Taurus suit is extreamly mobile and fast in space at first. The suit's main weapon is the beam cannon it holds. The beam cannon could also be charged up like Wing Zero's cannon but not nearly as powerful. When the Gundams first went to outer space, the Taurus suit was extreamly difficult to destroy because of it's mobility. Later on in the story, the Gundams were upgraded for space combat. Then, the Taurus suits started to become obsolete or outdated. The only disatvantage the Taurus suit has would be it's inablilty to fight at a close range.

Virgo I:
The Virgo was a mobile doll suit made for pure destruction. The main weapon the Virgo yeilds is the beam cannon. The beam cannon is based on the design of the Vayeate's cannon. The Virgo suit also comes with 4 magnetic shields that could deflect any beam cannon blast from most suits. The Virgo was used on Earth operations and in space. This suit was also upgraded by the White Fang later in the story. Virgos only work well if there were a group of them. If the Virgos are in a pack, then it would be extreamly difficult for any opposition to destoy them. The mobile doll system the Virgo has also was enchanced to be more practical and realistic. It could also use stratigic battle tatics aginst certain enemys. The best attack formation the Virgo has is to group them up in groups of three and make them line up back to back. When that happens, they will deploy they 4 magnetic shields to form a magnetic barrier that is very difficult to disipate.

Virgo II:
The Virgo II is the upgraded version of the Virgo. Similar to the Virgo, it's main weapons are the beam cannon and the magnetic shields. Unlike the original Virgo, this new mobile suit has 8 magnetic shields instead of 4. Most of the other statistics are similar to the original Virgo suit. The main difference is the Virgo II's mobile doll program. Unlike the original Virgo, this model could be controled by a human pilot using the wing zero system. The Virgo II was created by the White Fang group in the Lebra.

The Pisces is an underwater OZ suit designed for sea warfare and battles. The Pisces has retractable claws that could grab things. The only weapons the Pisces has are radar guided missles that track the enemy. The Pisces could cnly travel underwater giving the Pisces a huge disatvantage against the Gundams. Even though their missles could be shot upwards and still hit the Gundam, the Gundams still could easily manuver around them.

The OZ Cancer is another underwater suit. Similar to the OZ Pisces, their weapon systems are the same. In most ways, the Cancer is just about the exact replica of the Pisces. The only difference I could find out of the series is that the Cancer's missles have more range and the armor is slightly tougher.

The Mercurius is also an OZ designed suit. This suit was made by the 5 scientists that made the original Gundams when they were held captive. The Mercurius's specialty is defense. This mobile suit was the base of the Virgo dolls. Mercurius's greatest defense would be the 10 planetary defenders/magnetic shield it could deploy in a instant. The 10 magnetic shields could form a huge a shield that surrounds the Mercurius and deflects any beam like attack. The Mercurius also is equiped with a shield on one of it's hands. The shield could also deploy a beam saber that is longer then most other sabers. (with the exception of Eypon's saber) The only disatvantage the Mercurious has would be it's inability to attack from a range. Like I said, it relies on it's beam saber too much. The Mercurius could also be programed as a mobile doll.

The Vayeate is the exact counter part of the Mercurius. Vayeate was also created by the five scientiests that made the gundams. Vayeate's main weapon is the beam cannon held on one of its hand. The beam cannon was designed to be the largest cannon possible without causing the Vayeate to loose any speed. The speed and agility of the Vayeate is also the same as the Mercurius. There's also a large shield on the other arm opposite of the beam cannon. The Vayeate could also be programed as a mobile doll.

The Maganac mobile suit was created by Quatre's father. Because Quatre's parents were very wealthy, they created 40 mobile suit for protections and hired 40 pilots that are absolutly loyal to Quatre. After when Quatre's father gets killed by the colonies, Quatre dominates the 40 soilders and lead them into battle against OZ. The Maganac suit takes many forms. Most of them look similar but each is it's own indervidal. The Maganac's weapons varies from a small beam cannon to rocket launchers. They fight well in condition when visibility is poor or when they hide behind rocks for portection.

Tallgeese II & Tallgeese:
The original Tallgeese was created by scientists that also made the original Gundams. It was rumored that the Tallgeese was the prototype of all mobile suits. Including the Gundams. Tallgeese's weapons consists of a dober gun which is similar to Wing Gundam's beam rifle but not as strong. Tallgeese is also extreamly fast. Faster then the Wing Gundam and three times as fast Aries. It pilot 'Zechs' used the mobile suit first. Tallgeese II is the upgraded version of the Tallgeese. After Tallgeese's destruction by the mobile dolls, Tallgeese was no more. That was a fact until one of the last battles when Traize reconstructed it into a fighting machine. Tallgeese II's weapons are much more stronger then the original. Now, Tallgeese II has two beam sabers and the rifle is much stronger. Tallgeese II fought Altron in space in the last battle of the series but lost. It's one and only pilot was Traize.
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