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Gundam Heavy Arms:
Gundam Heavy Arms is the most effecient long range Gundam. The pilot is Trowa Barton, a unique person that doesn't talks much at all. Heavy Arms' name comes from the fact that one of his arm is extreamly heavy because of the machine gun.

Weapons and attacks:
Gundam Heavy Arms has a huge variety of weapons. On Heavy Arm's shoulder, thers two vulcan cannons. His huge machine gun could connected on his left or right and could detatch if he runs out of bullets. Under his right for-arm is a switch blade which is really weak since its only a blade. Heavy Arms' chest could also open up to fire more bullets and missles. He also has a missle launcher on his shoulders.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
Heavy Arms' main atvantage is to strike it's target at a long range. It's machine gun system also wastes the least amount of ammunition to blow up it's opponent. The main disatvantage is his inability to fight at a close range. Once his bullets and missles are used up, he is vulnerable to all sorts of hazards.

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