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Gundam Eypon:

Gundam Eypon was the only Gundam manufactured by OZ. It's name represents Devil. Gundam Eypon was first given to Treize Khushrenada but was later piloted by Heero. After when Heero fought Miliando with the Eypon, they traded their Gundams. Heero recieving the Wing Zero. Miliando recieving Eypon. That was how Miliando came to pilot Eypon.

Weapons and attacks:
Gundam Eypon's weapons are all close range. Eypon comes with an attatched to the hand beam saber. Whats particular about this beam saber is that it is a whole lot stronger then the average beam saber the other gundams would use. Since the beam saber is connected to the gundam, the saber at maxium burn is about thirty meters long. The saber has the abilitys to slice a space colony in pecies. You remember when Eypon cut fortress barge in half. Gundam Eypon also comes with a handy shield and a state of the art heat rod (whip). This whip when charged and emmits a red glow could slice, grab, or sling any mobile suit around. Gundam Eypon's final weapon and the most usefull would be the zero system. Similar to the zero system in the Wing Zero. This system allows the pilot the scruntize the opponent's next attack.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
The only disatvantage Eypon has would be it's inability to attack from a long range. It actually doesn't matter since the pilot could dodge all the bullets and projectiles shot at it. Eypon's real atvantage lies in it's beam saber and the zero system.

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