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Gundam Death Scythe:

Gundam Death Scythe is one of the most dangerous mobile suits in outer space. This is because it's pilot (Duo Maxwell) has a profound nick name. (The great destroyer or The god of Death) Death Scythe was destroyed before but was reconstructed later.

Weapons and attacks:
Death Scythe is mainly designed for close ranged attacks. It's main weapon is the Scythe that is carried by the Gundam. The first scythe only contained one thermal pic that extends from the stick. Later on after the Gundam is rebuilt, the scythe has two pics protruding from the stick. This makes Death Scythe even more deadly then ever. Gundam Death Scythe also comes eqipped with a drill that can be launched at the enemy from a distance. The drill will then explode after it hits the enemy mobile suit. Gundam Death Scythe also comes eqquiped with a cloak and a radar jammer. This causes Death Scythe to be invisible. Death Scythe's attacks include hacking at the enemy with it's thermal scythe and lanching a drill that explodes.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
Death Scythe is just about your best close range Gundam. Nothing can beat a scythe that uses heat to annihilate your opponent. Atvantages include the cloaking device and the scythe. The only disatvantage Death Scythe has would be it's inability to attack at a range. Launching a drill isn't exactly the best range offensive.

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