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Gundam Altron:
Gundam Altron is the upgraded version of the Shenlong Gundam. After when Wu Fei and Duo were confined in an OZ prison, the scientists upgraded Wu Fei and Duo's Gundams. Altron still has it's trademarks such as the Dragon head and the extendable arms. Gundam Altron is perhaps one of the most balanced Gundams in offense and defense.

Weapons and attacks:
Gundam Altron now has two extendable arms, two Dragon Heads, and the beam glave has blades on the top and bottom. This makes Altron even more dangerous because it now has two flame throwers, two extendable arms, and a lot more fire power.

Atvantages and Disatvantages:
I can't find any disatvantages Altron has. The atvantages Altron has would be the ability to strike at a distance with it's Dragon Heads and fight close range battles with the beam glave.

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