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News on Gundam Wing:

9-16-00-"I just got news that Endless Waltz is going to be premired on Cartoon network on October 20 so Watch it if you haven't. Its a great edition to Gundam Wing."

9-15-00-"Gundam side story", for playstation is out in stores so BUY IT!


At E3 this past weekend, Bandai America announced three new videogames for the Playstation platforms: Digimon World 2, Gundam Wing: The Battle Master, and an untitled Mobile Suit Gundam game currently under development for the Playstation 2. Bandai also displayed three of its latest games: Digimon World, Gundam Side Story 0079, and Countdown Vampires.

6/23/00-New Gundam Wing video Games will be released for Playstation. Look for titles like 'Gundam Wing: The Battle Master' or an untitled Mobile Suit Gundam game. Check this site for more details.

-New Gundam Game for Sega Dreamcast. Look for the title 'GUNDAM SIDE STORY 0079: RISE FROM THE ASHES'.

-Gundam Episodes arive on VHS and DVD. Four tapes in English version or uncut. Learn more at Gundam

Updates of this Site:

9-14-00-Whats up. I havn't updated this site for ages already. Thats because school started and I havn't got the time. Bad news, my netdrive files all got deleted and I have to use some elses right now. Anyway, the other mp3 site has just as many mp3s as the one I used to have. Check this site out later. More things to come.

8-26-00-Hey every body. I just got 10 NEW gundam mp3s up for download. So check them out at the music section.

8-17-00-Wazzzbi man. i just uploaded some more mp3s onto this site so check them out in the music or music download sections.

8-4-00-Hi everybody. I just added more episode summaries to this site. I also will add more mp3s on saturday so check on this frequently.

7-28-00-Whatsupi everybody. I just started to add Gundam Wing mp3s from the gundam wing soundtrack. I also finished every other part of my site except 2 pages. oh ya. vote for my site on the gundam wing top 100 list. ok. see ya later.

7-23-00-Hey every body. i just got the downloads and every thing else on this site functional. The only thing i have left to do is the other mobile suits and the character sections. im almost done with this site. Ill finish this site before 7/31/00. C-ya

7-16-00-waazzzzzz up. I just got home from vacation and i started working on this site again. i'll be done real soon. i can garentee that. i just finished the search engine and some more mobile suit profiles. I'll try to get the downloads ready tomorrow.

6-27-00-Tomarrow I'm going on vacation so you won't here from me again for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Today, I've finished the music, web ring, and the E-mail me sections. I may also have finished the Gundams section. check this site 3 weeks from now. That's the next time i'll get updated.

6/26/00-I have just finished the pics section and part of the mobile suit section today. I'm going on vacation now so don't expect any more new stuff for the next two and a half weeks on this site. Wheen, I come back... I promise I'll finish this site as quickly as I can.

6/25/00-Hello you Gundam fanatics. I just started this site today. Everyday, I'll add more info and pages to it so stay put and don't be too anxious.

Check out my other cool sites. KoRn Y2K... a site all about korn. Magic Y2K... A site on magic the gathering.
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