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Gundam Wing Web-Characters-Wu Fei Chang
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Chang Wufei:
Organization / Gundam Pilot Age / 15 Ethnic origin / Chinese Place of origin / L5 colony cluster Height / 156 cm Weight / 46 kg Eye color / Black Hair color / Black Mech / Shen-Long Gundam "Nataku" Mech / Alto-Long Gundam "Nataku"

The stern pilot of the Shenlong Gundam is the proud offspring of a legendary warrior clan, who were exiled from China to a decrepit space colony by a fearful government. Wufei adheres to a strict code of honor and justice, seeking to protect the weak and punish the guilty. But his pride is something of a weak point - when pushed too far, Wufei's huge ego has a tendency to break.

Unlike the other Gundam pilots, even the relatively antisocial Heero and Trowa, Wufei prefers to operate alone and frequently seems to have a better idea what's going on than his blundering fellows. His only companion is his Gundam, which he calls "Nataku" after the Chinese mythological hero.

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