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Gundam Wing Web-Characters-Trowa Barton
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Trowa Barton:
Organization / Gundam Pilot: Age / 17: Ethnic origin / Latin: Place of origin / Earth: Height / 160 cm: Weight / 44 kg: Eye color / Dark green: Hair color / Brown: Mech / Gundam Heavyarms:

Trowa Barton is the amusing pilot of Gundam Heavyarms, the oldest of the five Gundam pilots. Dispite his age, he is also the most mysterious one of all. He never laughs or crack a smile. This makes him very calm and detached in battle. He usually could predict his enemy's desicions so he would how to destroy them. During the beginning of the story, Trowa meets Quatre Raberba Winner and becomes friends with him by their music. Trowa then leaves to fight another mission. After when he became a clown in the circus for a cover for the mission, Trowa soon finds himself having Ammensia. Soon, he forgot who he was, who his friends were, and the meaning of a Gundam but sometimes, Trowa has a few memory play-backs in his mind about Gundam. On the battle feild, Trowa uses his Gundam (Heavyarms) to rain down tons of bullets at his enemy. His gun on the Gundam fires so rapidly that the enemy can't avoid all of them. If his gun runs out of ammunition, he uses his chest guns to blast the enemy to oblivion. All of Gundam Heavyarm's arsenal could take out 3-5 battle cruisers. Now and then he'll dispatch an enemy with his acrobatic trademark move - a mid-air triple spin, ending in a deadly knife slash.

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