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Relena Darlian/Peacecraft:
Organization / Civilian: Age / 15: Ethnic origin / Northern European: Place of origin / Sanc Kingdom: Height / 154 cm: Weight / 38 kg: Eye color / Violet: Hair color / Light brown: Alias / Relena Peacecraft:
Relena is the adoptive daughter of the Earth Ammiance Prime Minister Darlian. Her biological parents were the Peacecrafts dedicated to pacifism. Relena is the main girl in her private school popular with all the boys and girls with the fact that her father was the prime minister. Besides Relena's fancy and kempt life, she needed a sting of excitement. This sting occured when she meets Gundam pilot Herro Yuy in her school. This excitement later changed Herro's life and emotions. In the beginning of the story, Relena learns about her real parents from her dying foster father. Later in the story, she commits her life to end the war and promote peace through the Earth sphere and the space colonies. She them becomes a leading advocate for peace and nonviolence in an increasingly chaotic world.

Zechs Merquise / Milliardo Peacecraft
Organization / OZ Age / 19 Ethnic origin / Northern European Place of origin / Sank Kinkdom Family: Sister Relena Height / 184 cm Weight / 76 kg Eye color / blue Hair color / Platinum Blond Mech / Tallgeese Mech / Gundam Epyon
Zechs Merquise, the pilot of Tallgeese is also accounted as Milliardo Peacecraft. Over the months, Zechs has developed a astetic sense in the battle. When Zechs was a child, the Alliance dominated his homeland, the Sank Kindom. Over the years, Zechs tried to insurrect against the Alliance. Unable to obtain copperation within the Sank Kindom, Zechs decided to join OZ, in orginization within the Alliance thats was also planning to overthrow the Alliance. This was how Zechs's real name Milliardo Peacecraft changed into his code name...Zechs Merquise. Zechs's younger sister is Relena Peacecraft. Zechs also sworn to protect Relena until she was returned to the Sank Kindom. Near the end of the series, Zechs's name went back to Milliardo when he left OZ and joined the White Fang. Zechs's identy is revieled in Epidsode 46 so PLEASE, watch it. Other people call Zechs, lightning count.

Lucrezia Noin:
Rank: Baronet/ Age: 19/ Ethnic origin: Mediterranean/ Place of origin: Italy/ Height: 165 cm/ Weight: 49 kg/ Eye color: Dark purple/ Hair color: Platinum black/
Lucrezia Noin is a fellow companion of Zechs. Lucrezia Noin and Zechs both graduated from the Lake Victorian Acadamy. Zechs was the top student and Noin was the second highest student in the Acadamy. Both of these mobile suit pilots knew each other well. After viewing the entire series, I figured out that Noin had a deep affaction for Zechs. Noin in her current position is the space instructor of the Lake Victorian Acadamy, training people to fight in space. Later in the story when Zechs joins the White Fang and Noin is forced into fighting him, she refused to shot Zechs because of their past. Damn, I think those two people were seriously in love or something. Well thats Noin, a simple mobile suit pilot that has an attraction to Zechs and a 1/2 pacifist.

Treize Khushrenada Rank: Duke/ Age: 24/ Ethnic origin: Aryan/ Place of origin: Unknown/ Height: 181 cm/ Weight: 68 kg/ Eye color: Ice blue/ Hair color: Platinum blond/
Treize Khushrenada is the leader of the OZ orginization and the special task forces. Treize is both chivalous and cunning. Although Treize's intentions are peace within the colonies and Earth, his first priority is still winning the war. Treize's is one who believes in honor and dignity. Much like the Gundam Pilot Wu Fei. Wu Fei and Treize both fought each other over the course of the war. Treize won the first battle against Wu Fei in a sword duel. Wu Fei however won the second and last battle against Treize. Treize's reputation in the Alliance is one of the most feared. Lady Une, the subordinate of Treize also falls in love with him near the middle of the series. Even though the Gundam Pilots consider Treize as an enemy, the pilots don't plan on destoying Treize. Treize was also the creater of Epyon and Tallgeese II.

Lady Une:
Rank: Count/ Age: 19/ Ethnic origin: German/ Place of origin: Unknown/ Height: 161 cm/ Weight: 47 kg/ Eye color: Brown/ Hair color: Brown/
Lady Une is Treize's agent and representive. When Lady Une was first brought to OZ, she was an novelty. When Treize wanted someone to retreive or command a squad, he would ask Lady Une to do it. During the beginning of the series, Lady Une was aqquainted with the OZ orginzation. She made many mistakes and blunders but when she left for the colonies in an attempt to get them to realized OZ, she started to realize the true purpose of the Gundam Pilots. After going from colony to colony, she accepted the Gundam Pilots and freed them from a cell only to be shot at from the one and olny Duke Durmail. Lady Une has a commpasionate side toward Treize but when Treize dies, Lady Une changes commands.
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