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Duo Maxwell:
Organization / Gundam Pilot: Age / 15: Ethnic origin / American: Place of origin / L2 colony cluster: Height / 156 cm: Weight / 43 kg: Eye color / Cobalt blue: Hair color / Brown: Alias / God of Death: Mech / Gundam Deathscythe: Mech / Gundam Deathscythe Hell:

Duo Maxwell is the Gundam pilot of Deathscythe. Although he is Mrs. Happy-go-jolly guy, he is a outstanding pilot. He persists in offering his trust and friendship to Herro but is usually turned down by Herro's sheer ignorance. At the end, Duo finally wins Herro's trust through time and persistence. Duo's nickname is "God of Death" when he encounters Alliance and OZ soilders. The Gundam DeathScythe uses a similar hook the "Grim Reaper" uses. The sythe is a thermal energy weapon that has the ability to withstand water. Prior to Operation Meteor, Duo was part of the space salvage organization called the "Sweeper Group." When there is a armistice in the fighting, Duo happily returns to his salvage-merchant's trade. He is distinguished by his black wardrobe, his yard-long braided ponytail, and his minister's collar.

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